May Day.

It’s currently snowing here in Minnesota. Yes, I said snowing on May 1. We’ve always been known for our weather here that turns on a dime. While the temps are in the late 30’s, early 40’s, it is simply not cold enough to be just snow. So, it is a rainy and snowy mix. Making it quite dreary out. 

So… instead of smelling the roses, I am left daydreaming of May Day. A celebration of spring.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and other blogger friends.

Princess and the Frog Blog saved her old soup cans, punched holes in them for ribbon, and adorned them with pink, white, and green flowers. These are her May Day gifts. So pretty!

Tried and True Blog used chicken wire with yellow flowers for her May Day gifts. So chic!

And finally, Ella Claire Inspired made little boats out of music and other pretty papers stuffed with beautiful flowers. Adorable!

Perhaps next year I will get ready in time for this May Day tradition of leaving flowers on my neighbors’ doors. But until then, I’m feeling incredibly happy and inspired. And forgetting about the snow and rain outside. Thanks friends!

Xo, K


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