love deep. pray hard. 

There was a day in my life I wasn’t sure I would find “the one.” I never really believed there is only just one person for each of us. Because, what if, some people never find that one? God surely wouldn’t make us spend our entire lives looking for the one needle in the haystack that we are meant to be with, would He? What are the chances of even finding that person? Is it like getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery? And how many people never do? Are they meant to live unfulfilled lives for missing the one connection that they were meant for. Surely not. I believe in a God who’s ideas for us are bigger.  A better plan for all of us. That if we put positive energy out into the universe and trust in Him, He will reward us with the utmost positive energy and positive people. Be with someone who thanks God for you. Genuinely. And you will be lucky enough to thank God for them too. 

Xo, k

#havefaith #Godisgood #lovedeep #prayhard


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