God sized change. 

God has a plan for us so good that it may scare us initially. Scare us so badly that we want to run in the opposite direction and bury our head in the metaphorical sand. If something scares you, it’s probably a good thing. Keep your mind, body, and soul open to this kind of change. Even if it feels scary now, just open up your mind to the idea that a change or a plan for your life could be in place. You don’t have to make any changes overnight. Just stay open to the thought. And chances are, God’s plan for you is already in motion. You won’t see it coming. And it will feel so uncomfortable throughout your entire body once you are exposed to it, that’s the fear. You have to face your fear to overcome. Literally face that fear head on and show it who’s boss. Yes, it will be scary. And yes, it will take time. But YES, it will be so worth it. Once you do this, you will feel amazing. Unstoppable. Grateful. I wish that for you. I wish that for everyone.  A God sized change is SO good. 🙏🏼✨ #sundaysermon #sundaysoul #Godislove


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