so, you’re skeptical…

  I hear you. I promise, I do. 

You’re skeptical. It Works! Global could never work for someone like me. Don’t they call that like a “pyramid scheme thing” anyway? Well, let’s think about that for a moment. What is a pyramid scheme? An illegal business model. A company that doesn’t sell products. A company where only the people on top profit and all the hardworking people underneath struggle to get anywhere. That last one, to me, sounds like corporate America, but here’s the thing about opinions, everyone’s got one. 

So the reason I say I hear you, is because I was in your boat. I am one of you. I was one of the biggest skeptics I know in the beginning, when first introduced to It Works! I’ve always been hopeful about a career in multi-level marketing or network marketing, but I may have been the most skeptical to myself. I guess you could say I let all those naysayers or haters, as some call them, get to me. And that’s the worst part. The fear took over. “You can’t do that. Why would you want to? That’s not a real career. Why do you keep living a lie?” These were real comments being made to me and some from some of the closest people in my life. Talk about defeating. And so, alas, I couldn’t. You do what you put your mind to. Period. But let me tell you, something is so much sweeter when you overcome all those people. Haters, non-believers, yourself. And you do. That’s the big secret. You just have to do. Put forward the effort and you will surprise yourself. Yes, there will be tough times along the way. You will get rejected. You will get people that laugh in your face, that make mean comments, that unfriend or unfollow you. But guess what, the getting there is so much sweeter once you’ve gotten passed all those things. So keep going. Keep doing. Work harder. Dig deeper. Keep inspiring. Be you. And go for what you want. What makes you happy. Because You are unstoppable. I believe in you. 

Now, get to work. 💖


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