year of YES. 

I was lucky enough to go to my company, It Works!’s, Conference this past month in Tampa, Florida. I say lucky enough because prior to going, I was doubting myself, doubting my entire business, actually considering giving up altogether. 

My strategy was completely gone, see, my confidence had been shaken a few months prior when I had gotten really ill. I actually didn’t know a person could get so ill. I mean I was physically bed ridden for almost two whole weeks and the strep throat and mono took its toll for about a total of 6 weeks. Either I was a complete wuss or it was really bad. I suppose I could’ve been a complete wuss. It did make me feel a bit better (psychologically) when I finally went back in to the doctor after being diagnosed for strep throat and my meds weren’t helping at all after two dreadful days, I basically thought I was dying, and my doctor said it was the worst case of mono she’d ever seen. I think mostly it got so bad because I assumed it was nothing and would pass quickly in the beginning. And when I didn’t think it could get worse, it got worse. But, Thank goodness I’m over it. Needless to say, I stopped working my business during this time and when I stopped working my business, my business stopped working for me. 

This was devastating to me and I certainly played the victim card well. How could this happen to me? Something I’ve worked so hard for is gone? All that hard work is just scattered to the wind? How could my team abandon me in my time of need?  So I sulked for a month, or two. Let’s be honest. I was so sad. Full of self pity. Thinking why. How could this happen? To me? Just not understanding. Focusing on all the negatives. And if I just wouldn’t have gotten sick. Poor me. Yeah. Bullshit. As if I just quit working my business while I couldn’t move and was so ill I was bed ridden. And then got right back on the horse the next day. Haha. No way. Sick days turned into weeks.  I milked that shit for all it was worth, right? Yeah. Seems pretty fucking stupid right about now. 

If I could talk to myself now, back then, I’d say, “Shit happens. Get over it. Move on. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pick yourself up, get over yourself and do what you need to do to build. You built this business once, so you can do it again!” Isn’t it amazing the clarity that comes with some reflection?

Anyway, back to my point, the year of yes. At this amazing conference, with me and 20,000 other people, I was able to listen to one of our inspiring leaders, Denise Walsh, talk about the power of YES. She talked about how you have to say yes to everything! All new adventures, even if you don’t want to. Even if you’re too tired, or your schedule’s too packed, or you just don’t want to. This is the year of YES! And the reason it’s the year of yes is because this is the year you are going to grow. You’re going to be uncomfortable. You are going to go so far outside of your comfort zone that you won’t know what hit you, but when you get there, amazing things will happen. Nothing worth having ever came from comfort zones. Make this your year of yes! Say YES to all new adventures! And see where it takes you. I know I am. 


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