faith it til you make it. 


I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the old saying, “fake it til you make it.” In most cases, this statement is quite true. If you put belief in yourself, predominantly in your mind, you have the power to achieve anything. 

Though I like this much better. Faith it til you make it. I was sitting in church one day when the Pastor spoke about putting your focus on God. This is what He wants from us. Ask Him for guidance and clarity. Put your faith in Him. Instead of faking it and giving yourself a false confidence in what you are trying to achieve, ask God for help. Ask Him to work through you, to guide you, to give you the confidence you are lacking. Ask God to be with you, to be present while you are in the throes of your task. Take comfort in knowing that through Him, all things are possible. Faith it til you make it. With your faith in God, and Him by your side, you will be unstoppable. Only then will you truly make it. 


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