slow lifting fog. 


This photo was taken this past weekend when I was kind enough to be invited to a friend’s cabin. It’s a beautiful memory. I woke up this Sunday morning slightly upset that it was chilly, drizzly and foggy outside. Isn’t it funny that our initial reaction when visiting a cabin on a lake is that it should always be sunny with perfect weather? Why can’t we ever just take in a moment for what it is? Enjoy nature around us. Remember that it’s not always about us, and live happy in a moment, whatever that moment may be. This morning was especially beautiful. The photo doesn’t quite capture it the same. I awoke before anyone and was able to take some time to sit and rock in my friend’s rocking chair and look out an extreme picturesque window to this serene view. Really take in the ripples on the water from the wind as it would pass. See the loons slowly drifting along the water and diving down into it. Watch the trees themselves sway and the way the bark danced up and down them as if it had been painted on with a paint brush. If you look hard enough, look all the way through the trees, perhaps you can see the fog slowly lifting from the water to the tops of the trees on the banks of the lake on the far side. Lake Beauty this is called. I think she is well named. 


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