a day without rain. 

Ever feel captivated by the sun? I do. It’s this big, bright, burning ball of fire in the sky. An endless stream of constant energy… endless. It is always there, even on cloudy days, though we may not see it. And I often wonder why? Where is all that fire and life coming from? I know a scientist would probably tell you. But I can only imagine it’s there to give us hope. Keep going. Remember why you began your journey and keep that fire burning in your belly every single day. This is what I like to think about when I get captivated by the glorious ball of fire in the sky. 



3 thoughts on “a day without rain. 

  1. “Keep that fire burning every single day of your life”. Loved the way you presented an inspirational thought so beautifully and complimented it with the mesmerizing photograph. It was truly a perfect blend of writing, thinking and clicking 🙂

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