let’s get REAL.

Let’s get REAL… It’s time for me to tell MY story. WHY I joined IT WORKS! I was the biggest skeptic in the beginning ever! First of all, there was no way these wraps could or would actually work. Right? WRONG! Second, I’ve tried 3 other direct sales companies in the past and never had any luck. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t passionate about them. I fully acknowledge this. I honestly believe they paved the way to me finding my true passion with this company. Here’s where MY story begins.

My close friend invited me to a wrap party where I went for her. You know, how you do things because you’re excited to get together with friends, not because you’re excited to learn about a new product. I never realized then that God truly has a plan! I was meant to meet Mandy Fiedler and Kayleen Van Buren that night. My results from my 1st wrap that night blew me away! We don’t call it that CRAZY WRAP THING for no reason, let’s just leave it at that. 😉 I immediately signed up as a loyal customer and tried every product over the course of the next 8 months. Yes, I’m one of those. For those 8 months, Miss Kayleen kept asking me over and over, when I was ready to join this business, she knew I would be a rockstar and she was ready to help me every step of the way. Some may say she was that annoying wrap girl, but see, her and Mandy BELIEVED in me before I believed in myself!!! That is what I LOVE about this company! One Team One Mission!! That is our motto all the way! #OTOM

Since that first party, I have invited God into my life everyday. No, we didn’t really talk about Him that evening, it was just a feeling that came over me. A sign. I was always a Christian and grew up Lutheran, going to church with my parents every Sunday, but somewhere along the way, I lost my passion. Now, I have a conversation with God everyday and He tells me what I should be doing. Where I should be putting my focus. He actually sends me signs, see, you just have to pay attention to them! And once I started paying attention to what He was telling me and showing me, WHOA! BIG things started happening in MY life. It has been awesome! So awesome that I genuinely wish this for all of my friends and family. Call me crazy, but I know it has to be the work of God. Only He can produce things this powerful. How powerful you ask? So powerful that I decided to leave my job. A job that I had been fighting for my entire design career. I finally made it to the top of the ladder you might say, a showroom and a place in the design industry in Minneapolis where big players were bringing me projects and asking me to work on them! This had been a dream of mine since I was a young lady painting my bedroom in my mother’s home. I wanted so badly to be an interior designer all my life. All I can say is when we think we’ve made it to our dreams, God comes along and shows us He has other plans. And if you truly listen, get over that FEAR, and follow His plan, and you will reap amazing rewards.

I’m telling you God is in this company, He wants you to succeed! I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I know I am following my purpose by helping other people change their lives in a multitude of ways! Maybe they want to be healthier, maybe they want more time, maybe they are looking for financial freedom, we can do all of those things! This is my #itworksadventure. I wish for you to join me! Peace, love, passion! #changinglives #helpingothers #andhavingFUN #GODbless 


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