challenge yourself.

Do you keep encountering similar problems in your life time and time again? I feel like I do. How do you handle that? Whether the problems be at work, at home, or in my everyday relationships, they tend to be recurring. Each time a similar problem pops up I have dealt with it in my usual tried-and-true way, and have been relatively successful in the past. But now I’m starting to realize I may be best suited to approach these matters in a new way. The same old solution probably won’t work every time, and that’s okay. I need to challenge myself. And I realize, when I do this, I become more successful and inspired. Challenging myself with everyday dilemmas gets me outside of my comfort zone and leads me into gaining new discoveries in myself daily! It’s exciting! It’s exhilarating! It gives me a chance to exercise my creativity and to tap into my imagination. It truly moves my spirit and helps me from changing daunting daily activities to something I’m excited to tackle. So, my suggestion to everyone out there is… Make things in your life a challenge and have fun with it! And you will do well! Always. Challenge yourself.



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