power of positive thinking.

Can positive thinking affect the outcome of a situation? Or perhaps even bring you something you desire so desperately? I like to think so. I suppose it depends. It depends not only on how good you are at envisioning what you want, and how much time you devote to your goal, but it also relies on your ability to free yourself of the fear of not getting what you want. That’s the hardest part! FEAR will ruin you if you let it. Don’t give fear that much power over you! Overrun your fear and show yourself with positive thinking that you are stronger than you ever thought possible! If you work at it, and you don’t lose hope, there is something GREAT you can achieve if you really set your mind to it.



One thought on “power of positive thinking.

  1. Thank you for the excellent words! If you think positively then even a little bit of fear is ok. It is the faith and positive attitude you discuss that will get you past it because you don’t allow the fear to stop you 🙂


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