what’s your hoot owl?

I remember coming here. I remember coming here for almost as long as I can remember. Not to this very cabin, this one wasn’t around in the very early years, it’s a newer cabin, but to this very resort. This place from home that my family has learned to call our favorite place on earth. A place we come for one week out of the summer, the same week every summer, and we bond. We call it summer vacation but it’s become more like our annual tradition, now that all of us siblings are grown up and starting families of our own. It’s the one thing that keeps us going all year long. Something to look forward to. This place, Hoot Owl Resort, holds so many of my favorite memories and will continue to produce more of my favorite memories in the future. This place I love. It’s my hoot owl, my most happy & dearest place in this whole world. What’s your hoot owl?




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