take “your” time

Feeling anxious? Edgy? Overly impatient? My answer is an overwhelming YES. I tend to be an impatient person but I don’t always recognize it in myself until things start to get out of hand. I feel like a lot of us feel rushed these days, always running to the next thing that’s about to happen. Forgetting to take a breath between here and there, or each new task that comes up next. Sometimes I need to remind myself to slow down. You can’t rush through everything in life or you will miss the small things. Take “your” time. What I’ve realized is that there is something in us that is required, by nature, for us to take “our” time. Personal time for self-reflection, relaxation, meditation, whatever it may be. Recharging our own inner battery to be our best selves. Immerse yourself in the experience of “your” time and be more aware of your surroundings. Try to notice something good about moving slower. For me, taking “me” time allows me to show myself that I am capable of being calm, cool, and patient. All of the things that get lost as I’m rushing through my daily life. Oddly enough, I amaze myself at my capacity and sense of awareness each and every time I allow myself to take “me” time. It shouldn’t be that hard to remember, right? So, try to slow down, remember to take “your” time, whatever that time may be. You can add a new dimension to your life if you can actually experience more of it.



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