Snapshots. I am the queen of snapshots. Let me take a picture! Make sure you get a picture! Capture that moment! Oh, shoot I missed it! Wait, just one more! Yep, these are all phrases that come out of my mouth on a regular basis. Anyone of my friends or family would tell you this is true. In fact, my older brother would tell you it is to the point of constant annoyance. But I just keep reminding him that he will thank me someday, someday when he has all these memories captured to look back upon. But… am I a little excessive?

After reading about this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots, I’m feeling inspired. This challenge asks us bloggers to describe our snapshots rather than taking them. Urging us to put down our iPhones and start writing.

Mesmerized. Completely mesmerized. I’m sitting at work on a normal December day and the next thing I know, I’m completely mesmerized. I’ve just fallen into a trans of some sort. I snap to and realize I’ve been staring out the window. This is a picture perfect moment. Clearly snapshot worthy. Yet, this time, no iPhone was reached for. I allowed myself to revel in the picturesque moment. To take it in. To appreciate the moment for what it is, simply beautiful. Just outside of the cold, metal window frame was a scene to remember. It was the 2nd of December and this year’s first snowfall. That’s always something that puts a warmness in our hearts this time of year in Minnesota. There were glistening snowflakes falling from the sky that were as enormous and lovely as I had ever seen. They were glimmering and white and in every shape you can imagine, sparkling the entire fall from the sky before landing softly on the ground in their rightful place. It was like a scene from a movie, only it was real life. Right outside my window.

What I realized from this challenge is that you can’t capture moments like that in a snapshot. You can’t capture the smile the falling snowflakes puts on your face or the warmness in your heart the first snowfall of the year gives you. And even if you took a picture of the falling flakes out of the windowpane, none of those feelings would translate in a photograph. Regardless, no one can take that small divine moment from me. A tiny part of my day that left me mesmerized.


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