refresh. refocus. renew.

photo 1

I was recently reminded of the refreshing and renewing feeling you get when you spend time with a young loved one. For me, it was my nephew I visited this past weekend, who happens to be five. Maybe it’s that pure honesty you get from the young ones, no harm intended, just straight from the heart. As they see it. It could be the way they ask you to color or play cut-outs with them in that sweet little voice that simply no one could resist. It could be the fact that they make you downright get on your hands and knees and act like a bucking bronco, bark like a dog, or join in on ring-around-the-rosie that reminds you of acting like a silly kid again and realize that you’re loving it. Or maybe it’s the fact that they haven’t yet been programmed to hold grudges against you for any wrong doing you may have done in this life. Who knows. Regardless, they look up at you with a loving smile that melts your heart and brings you to this place of refocus. A slight shift in perspective. A thought process that maybe the innocence of the youth is what we’re missing as adults to keep us fresh. Spend time with the young ones you love most. The ones that can make you form a smile just by thinking about them even after you’ve left them. For me, that person is my nephew who happens to be five. He brings to me the most joyful and refreshing feeling of love and renewal. And that, I want to hold onto forever.

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